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Baby Sleeping Sack

Another year, another baby to make a knitted gift for! Very exciting! I've traditionally made baby blankets for friends. Blankets are easy and versatile: they don't have to fit like clothes, babies don't grow out of them for years (well, maybe months), and everyone is always happy to have an extra warm thing around to wrap their little one in. I went to the local library and checked out a couple of books about baby knits looking for inspiration. I really liked 60 More Quick Baby Knits that was full of cute little things. They did have a few blankets, but what caught my attention was a baby sleeping sack. In the book they had a picture of one with a baby in it and it was adorable. A friend even agreed to lend me her baby for the photo shoot, but I didn't finish the sack on time to take advantage of the offer, so my pictures are conspicuously missing a young child where it's supposed to be. I'm hoping that when the intended recipient of the gift arrives in a couple of months I'll get pictures with her in the sleeping sack that I can share here.

I only had a couple of weeks to complete the project and figured I'd try making it on the knitting machine. Unfortunately, this didn't work out. Made with just one strand of yarn the sack was too thin, and my machine couldn't handle double strands. Fortunately, I'm a pretty quick hand knitter (when I want to be). I also decided that I would follow the pattern exactly to save time on calculations, even though my yarn didn't match the gauge from the book. I figured that my sack would turn out a little bigger than the listed dimensions, which wasn't the end of the world. I normally use patterns for ideas more than actual instructions, but this one was so simple and perfect that I didn't want to mess around with it. However, staying true to myself, I changed at least one thing - the number of buttons. Instead of 16 I used only 12 to save a busy parent a few seconds buttoning their baby in and out of the sack. I did find some of the instructions in the book a little confusing: they had some complicated way of making a button hole, for example. But overall, it was easy and straightforward.

As usual, I was the only one with a hand-made gift at the baby shower. It was well received and now we're all anxiously waiting for the new baby girl to try out her new sleeping arrangements. Hope she likes it.