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Crocheted Giraffe

Here is another one in the series of cute crocheted animals - this time it's a giraffe. I think he's a nice companion to the moose and the sheep. And he's made entirely out of leftover yarn from the striped scarf. It's a win-win situation: you end up with an adorable toy and you use up the yarn that's not enough to make anything big.

Yarn and Crochet

Body & Neck

Chain 3, join with a slip stitch

Make the neck


Chain 3, join with a slip stitch

Start shaping the head


With purle yarn chain 3, join with a slip stitch

Switch to gray yarn
Switch to yellow yarn
Stuff the leg with fiberfill very loosely

Work same as legs but reduce the number of rounds for each color: 6 total for purple, 4 total for gray, and 11 total for yellow.


With gray yarn pick up and single crochet 8 st at the top of the head where the horns should go.

Switch to purple yarn


Chain 10 st, turn, and double crochet 8 st. Turn again and single crochet around the border of the ear.