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Crocheted Sheep

Crocheting cute animals can be a lot of fun. I wanted to make little crocheted “friends” for my moose and thought that sheep would be appropriately cute. Besides, their heads and bodies are very similar in shape to the moose’s ones and I’m all about reusing elements in my projects. Now, if I were to make a giraffe, I would have to work a lot harder to come up with the correct measurements, but these little guys are a breeze to make. They’re also relatively small (the little sheep is only 7 inches long, the big one is 9).

Yarn and Crochet

I’m determined to clean up my yarn stash a little. I’m trying to use up a few leftover skeins of black and white Plymouth Bella Colour Yarn that I used for the soccer ball. Two little skeins (one white and one black) will be enough to make 2 sheep.

Big Sheep

Unlike the moose, these sheep don’t require separate parts for the feet, which makes them a little easier to make.  Once you have the body and the head, you’re pretty much done – the ears and the tail are just a few stitches long, and the feet are crocheted directly from the body.

Body (White)

Chain 4, join with a slip stitch

Stuff the body with fiberfill.

Head (Black)

Chain 3, join with a slip stitch

Stuff the head with fiberfill.

I like using buttons for the eyes. Sew them on the head where you think appropriate. “Peel and stick” type eyes work equally as well.

Feet (Black)

Pick up and single crochet 12 stitches where the feet should go on the bottom of the body.

Ears (Black)

Chain 5, turn, and double crochet 4 remaining stitches. Make 2 ears. Attach to the head.

Tail (White)

Chain 5, turn, and single crochet 4 remaining stitches. Attach to the back of the body.

Downloadable PDF of the little sheep is coming soon. Stay tuned.