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Crocheted Toy Moose

In my opinion moose is the ultimate Christmas animal, so I thought of making one this season. Unlike most of my other projects that are knitted this toy is crocheted. Crocheting seemed like a logical way of making it since most amigurumi-type toys are crocheted. Besides, crocheting lends itself to making all sorts of amazing smooth shapes without much effort.

Yarn and Crochet

I had a few skeins of really bulky Gianna yarn (50% soysilk, 50% wool) which would have been perfect for a throw had I about 20 of them. But having only a few made me think that it would be suitable for a small sturdy project, like a stuffed animal. It also happened to come in toy moose colors.


There really is only one type of stitch used for making this moose – a single crochet. The ears (and an optional scarf) are worked in the back and forth fashion, and the rest of the toy is worked in spirals.


Feel free to start with any body part that appeals to you. I started with the head, then made the antlers and ears, the body, and finished with the legs. The scarf was made after the moose was completely assembled – to add a touch of warmth.

Antlers and Ears

Ears are the easiest thing to make: chain 6, turn, and single crochet (sc) 5 remaining stitches. Make 2 ears.

Antlers (work in dark brown)

Stuff the antler with stuffing like poly-down (while the hole is still big enough)

Tuck in the end of the yarn. Make 2 antlers.


If you’re sewing eye and nose pieces on (which are regular buttons in my case), do it now – it’s a lot easier when you still have access to the back side of the fabric.

Stuff the head.

Tuck in the end of the yarn.


Stuff the body.

Cut yarn so that you have enough length to chain 6-7 stitches for the tail.


Chain 8, turn, and single crochet 7 remaining stitches. Attach the tail to the back of the body.


I made the back legs a little sorter than the front legs, but please feel free to play with leg length.

Front legs:

Stuff the leg.

Make 2 front legs. The back legs are 2 light brown rounds shorter than the front ones.


The real moose has ears above and behind the antlers, but all toy moose have them under the antlers on the sides – perhaps for the cuteness effect. There is a lot of different ways you can lay the parts out:
- antlers up high on the head or closer to the sides
- legs directly on the underside of the body or farther out from each other
- head at the tip of the front of the body or higher at the top

Scarf (optional)

I decided to make a very simple scarf to go around the neck. Make it in dark brown for more contrast: