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Halloween Spider and Web

This project is a cross between crocheting and knitting (and construction, if you count using wire).  The spider’s body is crocheted and the legs are knitted – knitted I-cords for legs were a lot easier to make and looked a lot better than any skinny crocheted tubes I tried to create. Why not use both techniques, I thought, if in the end you end up with a better design.

Yarn, Needles and Crochet

I still had a few skeins of black Plymouth Bella Colour Yarn left after making the soccer ball and the sheep. The spider took about 1/2 of the skein. The web was made out of the yarn leftover from making a sweater about 5 years ago.


The spider’s body is made in one piece. The legs are knitted as I-cords and attached to the bottom of the spider.

Spider’s Body

Chain 3, join with a slip stitch

Stuff the head with fiberfill

Stuff the body with fiberfill

Spider’s Legs

The legs are knitted as I-cords. Cast on 4 stitches using double-pointed needles and make 1 I-cord 12 inches long for the back legs, 2 I-cords 11 inches long for the middle legs, and 1 I-cord 10 inches long for the front legs. Insert flexible wire inside the I-cords and sew the ends closed. Sew the legs to the neck/belly of the spider’s body, then bend them to any shape you like.

Spider Web

Description of how to make the web is coming soon. For now, you can look through the pictures of the process of making it.